Achievement of Impetus by Community Instructors

Our Government must change the role from a leader to a helper while the project has become practical and residents are able to plan for their own communities. However, to plan the living environment is skillful and professional knowledge. Therefore, instructors and architects are needed to get involved in communities.

They are also expected to devote their profession with enthusiastic teams. The role of community instructors is to offer professional consulting and planning and to promote quality living environment. Moreover, it becomes the continuous power for living quality and city development.

CPAMI had arranged reapportionment for local governments to construct significant demonstration of scenic spots in 1999, and the second half of 1999 and 2000. It has been enthusiastically resounded by plenty of local and central organizations. The Taipei City Government proposed “the Regulation of Community Instructors” in the first year and started to promote it in order to encourage residents to participate in the project. The main job functions are included setting up a studio for community instructors, offering professional consulting, studying reconstructing plans for local areas, attending related meetings as advisors of city governments. The practical outcome had been highly approved by the Central Commission of Advisors. Therefore, the project had been approved with subsidization again in the second half of 1999 and in 2000. Also, it has been the foundation of the entire campaign.

In 2001, CPAMI had included the Regulation of Community Instructors as one of the required projects and expanded execution.

The role of community instructors is to discover aspects and problems in each community, and to help analysis and development of local issues. Moreover, they actively negotiate different   points  of  view  with communities and local governments to create diverse interaction. Community instructors are able to control the change between communities in local areas and to assist communities to represent their own characteristics. Especially in 21 century, the evaluation of city development has huge change and the role of community instructors had become more significant to face changeable factors at any time. It will be a key point to strength and plan the regulations of community instructors in this project.


In fact, the Master Plan of Community is to renew cities and management of landscapes. It is related to complicated issues in society, economics, and humanism. We need to open minds to recruit experts with professional background and diversity. It is our responsibility to think about how to integrate concepts and issues, how to forge an alliance and service network, and to help our Government to carry out the ideal of reconstruction.

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