Future Prospect

  It is necessary to continue advancing landscape development policies. The budget for landscape improvement accounts for less than 1% of the budget for national public construction. The observation of the promotion of exemplary programs and change of concepts shows that the number of people aware of the importance of landscape improvement has increased. Landscape improvement policy should not be considered as an “operation” but a “value” that can convince every one. It is expected that the policy and exemplary programs will change how the public feel about the environment and lead them to take actions. Design competition is a good approach to inspire creativity, innovation and regional cooperation. The introduction of green buildings and ecological cities will lead to sustainable development. The policy should be a learning and informative initiative that provide the public sector and community members information and knowledge about how to improve environment quality. It may seem an environment improvement construction, but in nature, the policy is a social movement that transforms social experiences and fosters social values. In the future, efforts should be dedicated to introducing comprehensive information about environment and landscape to lead the public to create quality, convenient, safe and sustainable living environment. In the past, government agencies overestimated the importance of performance and construction quality. In the new century, transition is required, so it is expected that the assessment system can be modified to give more liberty to innovative policies.

  Taiwan is now standing at a tipping point facing the pursuit for sustainable development and the threat of global competition. The prospect of landscape improvement program lies in promoting the values and success of exemplary programs. Taiwan was renowned for its economic miracle. Hopefully, Taiwan will perform a “environment and landscape improvement miracle”. This is an opportunity for Taiwan to stand out in the fierce global competition and achieve sustainable development.

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