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  After reviewing the experiences of landscape renovation and considering future policy directions, the objectives of Phase 3 include:
1. building aesthetic ecological environment, focusing on resource sharing, cooperation and management, strategic alliance to embrace new challenges; creating innovative park and greenery system networks from a regional structural perspective;
2. integrating landscape improvement plans and urban renewal plans; developing be instructive and legally binding local landscape programs to create landscapes with clear identity;
3. encouraging local governments to partake in ecological campaigns, based on the principles and patterns of Local Agenda 21; developing optimal environmental and ecological campaigns and indices to effectively mitigate urban heat island effects and work toward sustainable urban development;
4. connecting with the international community to share and exchange landscape improvement experiences and elevate competitiveness, showing the world Taiwan’s achievements in environment reforms.
This phase is an extension and advancement of the previous phases, therefore, the pursuit for “culture, greenery and quality” is continued. In addition to “public involvement in cities spreading happiness”, new landscape improvement programs should integrate urban regeneration programs and movements. Based on the values of innovation and renovation, the programs will serve as platforms that elevate national competitiveness and reach regional balance. Landscape improvement programs should be sustainable and continued and be positioned as a major national policy that connects Taiwan to the world.
  With the division of labor between central and local government, future landscape projects will adapt to urban regeneration programs, and local governments will take the responsibility for and build the capability of landscape improvement. This shift will also forge city identity.

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